Study of Design Patterns 01: Factory Method

Recently I’ve been feeling the urgent need to study design patterns, memory and performance stuff in a more structured way. Here are my notes about the design pattern Factory Method. I’ll try to put it straightforward:   Factory Method   The description from Gang Of Four : Define an interface for creating an object, but let sub-classes […]

Make 360 Video for Your Game with the 360 Capture SDK by Facebook

Hey guys! I just had a great 360-video-making experience with this “newly”-released 360 Capture SDK by Facebook! Here is a link to get hyped: Make 360 Video for your Game with 360 Capture SDK. Basically, this SDK enables you to capture, record, and encode 360 photos and videos with the relevant metadata necessary for detection, where the devs […]

“error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol” in Visual Studio 2015

When I tried to create folders to organize my C++ code in Visual Studio 2015, I did this in the file explorer: made several folders and dropped files in. Like this: So the Solution Explorer in VS2015 looked like this: It looked perfect, all filtered into folders I created. However, it threw some error when I ran the […]